Bring the Love to your Medspa

Here are some tips on how to use Valentine's Day to boost sales and exposure for your medical spa.

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity for your aesthetic practice to capitalize on themed marketing efforts. The holiday is synonymous with love and romance, making it the perfect time to promote services that help couples and individuals look and feel their best. Singles can get in on the self-love just as much as couples! Valentine's Day over recent years has become more synonymous with self-love and Galantines, not just romantic pairs. Below are a few suggestions for your medspa to bring the love to your community.

valentines day love potion
1. Themed Packages

Offer a special package that includes a variety of services such as a couples massage and facials or a date night makeover. Make sure to give the package a catchy, romantic name and promote it heavily on social media and in-store. Some suggestions for fun themed names: "Love Me So", "Cupid's Bow-tox", "Secret Admirer", "Show the Love", and "Relaxing Romance". You can even craft a themed facial with rose ingredients.

2. Promote Gifts of Self Love

Online gift cards are a popular Valentine's Day gift, so make sure to offer them in your medspa. Promote them heavily and consider offering a discount for customers who purchase them during the Valentine's Day season. You can market gift cards as gifts between girlfriends and late-minute gifts from partners. Recommend your retail products in cute wrapped bundle for those last-minute gift givers to present with their online gift card.

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3. Plan a Party

Host a Valentine's Day event in your medspa, such as a couples' night or a singles' night. Offer bundles or discounts on services, snacks, and drinks, and create a festive atmosphere. You can theme your event to be more traditional or go more anti-Valentine's Day and make it focused on self-love.

4. Spread the Love

Partner with local businesses, such as restaurants, florists, and chocolatiers, to offer a complete Valentine's Day experience. This can help you to attract new customers and increase sales. Cross promote with other businesses and offer a romantic gift bundle or date night prep. Or alternatively, focus on self-love and partner with other local companies to encourage a makeover with boutique gift cards, gym memberships, and salon services.

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5. Gather your Followers

Use social media to promote your Valentine's Day specials and events. Create eye-catching graphics, post customer testimonials, and offer exclusive promotions for followers. Don't forget male customers in your promotions if your medical spa caters to all genders. 

6. Brand the Holiday

Personalize your approach to Valentine's Day promotions. Instead of just promoting a generic Valentine's Day special, tailor your promotions to specific segments of your audience, such as couples, singles, or families. Think about your average customer and their persona and cater to that individual. This is an opportunity to increase your brand identity with congruent messaging.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day can be a perfect marketing opportunity for your medspa to improve brand awareness and increase revenue. With a little creativity, Valentine's Day can be a great way to build your community and bring in new customers.

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